Make it a December to remember

There are two ways to collect the Vondels ornaments at Schiphol. We make a distinction based on the shopping area at Schiphol you are shopping, before or after security. Where do you go shopping?

Shopping before security

With every purchase of €15.- at Schiphol Plaza you will receive a sticker. When you collect 5 stickers you can redeem your Vondels gift. Hand in your card at one of the participating stores and receive an unique ornament! Discover all participating stores and more terms & conditions.

All the terms & conditions

Shopping after security

After security, you can no longer collect stickers but you will receive a free Vondels ornament with a purchase of €75.- or more in one store. Discover all participating stores and the complete promotional conditions.

All the terms & conditions

Frequently asked questions

How many different Vondels ornaments are available at Schiphol?

There are four different Vondels ornaments that you can receive at Schiphol.

If I spend a large amount in one store before security, will I receive multiple ornaments/stickers?

Yes, you will receive a maximum of 4 ornaments per transaction, equal to 20 stickers. So if you spent more than € 300 per purchase, you won’t receive more ornaments or stickers.

When does the Christmas promotions starts and ends at Schiphol?

The promotion runs from tuesday 3th of December untill tuesday 31th of December 2019.

If I spend a large amount in one store after security, will I receive more ornaments?

No, for each transaction of € 75 or more, one ornament is given. So with a transaction of € 150, only 1 ornament is given as a gift.

Does the ornament promotion also apply in combination with credit vouchers?

Yes, the transaction amount is considered before deduction of the voucher discount.