: Travel with facial recognition

Go through the various checks at Schiphol more smoothly? If our tests to enable travel with face recognition succeed, then you will be able to, in the future!

At present, you still need to show your passport, your boarding card or both at the various checkpoints within the airport. For example, when you drop off your baggage, at the entrance of the security check, when you cross the border and during boarding. In future, you will be able to pass through these checkpoints more smoothly due to being recognised by your face. As a result, your passport and boarding pass can stay tucked away in your bag.

Airlines, the government and Schiphol are working together to make this new way of travelling possible in future. We are keen to use innovations such as this one in order to make your journey through Schiphol more convenient. Since this involves new types of technology and a new way of travelling, extensive testing is being conducted first.