Traffic diversions due to safety tests

Between 8-24 April, you may need to account for extra travel time and traffic diversions if you plan to park at P3 Long-term Parking or P4 Basic Parking at night. The same goes for staff parking at P5, P40 or P44. That’s because we will be testing the new safety features of the Buitenveldert Tunnel during that period. The tunnel will not be closed every night. However, you will need to account for an extra 25-35 minutes of travel time if it is, depending upon your route.

Test dates

The Buitenveldert Tunnel will be closed on the following nights:

Week 15 Week 16 Week 17
8 - 9 April 15 - 16 April 23 - 24 April
9 - 10 April 16 - 17 April 24 - 25 April
10 - 11 April 17 - 18 April  
11 - 12 April 18 - 19 April  
12 - 13 April 19 - 20 April  

Extra travel time with car and bus

The safety tests will be conducted between 22:00-04:00. The Buitenveldert Tunnel will close to all traffic during these times. That means cars, buses and taxis have to follow a traffic diversion on the A4 and A9 motorways. This will affect you if you want to get to P3 Long Parking or P4 Basic Parking.

If the tunnel is closed on your date of travel, please note that:

  • The P3 and P4 parking areas be accessible by the A9/exit 6 to Aalsmeer instead of the Schiphol-A4 exit. This will take an extra 15 minutes of time depending on your travel route.
  • There will be a diversion for the free Express Bus between P3 / P4 and the terminal which will take an extra 20 minutes.

Trains will not be affected by any of the changes. However, there will be extra travel time for buses due to the traffic diversions. In addition, there will be fewer buses than usual and fewer stops or journeys. The Connexxion bus service will use shuttle buses between Schiphol Noord and Schiphol Plaza. Those buses will stop at P40, P5 / Elzenhof, Schiphol Noord Junction and Schiphol Plaza. You can find all information about your bus trip on Check the GVB website for information on the diversion of bus line 69

For people who work at Schiphol

People who work at Schiphol and use P5, P40 and P44 will also be affected. You can reach your parking place by following the A9 / Exit 6 to Aalsmeer. Please take into account extra travel time. You can use your Schiphol to park at P30 if you arrive after 21:30 and would otherwise risk being late for work. To do so, please register at the intercom upon entry to the parking lot.

Temporary routes

These are the diversions you can expect between 8 and 24 April: Kaartje tunneltest

Reasons for the traffic diversions

The Buitenveldert Tunnel has been under renovation for the past two years and now has new safety features. The works are almost complete. From 8-24 April, the new safety features will be tested overnight, which require the tunnel to be closed to all traffic. The Buitenveldert Tunnel is situated on Loevestijnse Randweg, between Schiphol Plaza and Schiphol Noord.

Be prepared for your trip

The Connexxion buses will take different routes and skip a few stops. However, they will use shuttle buses. Trains to and from Schiphol will not be affected. If you are faced with a traffic diversion, you will find more information along the road and at the various parking areas. You can read up-to-date information about your travel day on our Twitter, on My Travel Day. or at

Driving routes

Route from The Hague/Rotterdam

From the Badhoevedorp junction, take the A9 exit towards Amstelveen / Utrecht. From the A9, take exit 6 in the direction of Aalsmeer. Then turn right at the traffic lights, and follow the signs that read ‘Long-term Parking’.

Route from Amsterdam

From the A4, take exit 2 in the direction of Amstelveen (A9). From the A9, you take exit 6 in the direction of Aalsmeer. Then turn right at the traffic lights, and follow the signs that read ‘Long-term Parking’.

Route from Haarlem/Alkmaar

From Haarlem, stay on the A9 and take exit 6 in the direction of Aalsmeer. Then turn right at the traffic lights, and follow the signs that read ‘Long-term Parking’.

Parking discount for your next trip

We’re sorry that you will need to account for extra travel time during this period when travelling to P3 Long-term Parking or P4 Basic Parking. We’d like to compensate you with a parking discount for your next trip. You can obtain a discount code from the Customer Contact Centre – please have your reservation number at hand when you call.