The Keukenhof - The Garden of Europe

On a clear spring day, you may spot a gorgeous sea of flowers as you’re flying into the Netherlands. Chances are that it’s the Keukenhof, a swathe of verdant parkland filled with crocuses, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and more. Why not take a look?


An abundance of flowers

The Keukenhof – also known as the ‘Garden of Europe’ – is located in the small town of Lisse, around half-way between Amsterdam and The Hague. The flowers come into full bloom from late March to mid-May. It’s Europe’s largest and most varied flower park, with plant shows, sculptural gardens and flower beds that cover thousands of square kilometres. The theme changes annually, so every year brings a fresh surprise.

Easily accessible by bus from Schiphol

You can reach Keukenhof easily and fast from Schiphol by bus. The Keukenhof Express bus line 858, runs up to 14 times an hour. This fast bus line takes you directly and without intermediate stops to the main entrance of Keukenhof, in about 30 minutes. At Schiphol you can buy a return ticket or a combination return ticket – which include the entrance fee. For this, you go to the temporary sales point at Schiphol Plaza or to the caravan at the departure point of the buses.

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See it for yourself

Go Dutch and see the Keukenhof by trusty bicycle! You can rent one at the Bike van Dam in the Keukenhof car park. If you fancy whiling away the hours on a boat instead, you can buy tickets for a boat trip at the windmill inside the park. It takes around 45-minutes.