Museum-worthy artefacts for your bathroom: Rituals x Rijksmuseum: Amsterdam Collection

Discover the Amsterdam Collection today at Schiphol. The collection is the result of an exclusive collaboration between the Rijksmuseum and Rituals. Enjoy the rich scents of yuzu and tulips that take you right back to the 17th century Netherlands, a time when Amsterdammers were first introduced to Asian products.

The tulip and the yuzu

The Amsterdam Collection contains Dutch tulips and Japanese yuzu (a citrusy fruit) – and is a tribute to the historic connections between the Far East and West. Join us on a journey back to 17th century Amsterdam – a vibrant world city connected to the entire world. Colourful and luxurious goods from Asia influenced the culture and enriched life in the city – piquant spices, exotic flowers, delicate porcelains and luxury fabrics caused a sensation and brought a truly luxurious touch to the city. Rituals and the Rijksmuseum collaborated to bring you an exclusive range of 9 products for the home and body.

An ode to Delft blue

The collection’s attractive design is inspired by an iconic 17th-century Delft blue Ming vase on display in the Rijksmuseum. The vase is painted with Asian flowers and birds. The 9 luxurious home and body products were specifically designed to invoke a sense of well-being, relaxation and luxury in a unique way. Go ahead and immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience of fragrant flowers and exotic herbs.

The Amsterdam Collection


You can find these special products at Schiphols Rituals shops.

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