Privium Privacy Statement: Privacy Statement

Schiphol Nederland B.V. ('Schiphol') is strongly committed to protecting your personal data. This Privacy Statement explains how Schiphol collects, uses and protects your personal data within the scope of your Privium participation agreement. Participation in the Privium programme is entirely voluntary

Personal data that Schiphol needs from you and its purposes

When registering as a Privium member you are asked to provide certain personal data. The overview below provides further information on the personal data that Schiphol processes, its purposes and the applicable retention periods.

Personal data Processing purposes Retention periods
Correspondence name, address, postcode, city/town, country, telephone number, email address, language preference and membership details (membership number, membership type, card number, card expiry date, effective date). Communication, to determine range of services, customer satisfaction surveys and correct invoicing (if your Privium membership is or will be paid by third parties). Two years after membership ends
Email address For marketing and communication purposes we can use social media channels such as Facebook See privacy policy of Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn
Travel document details: surname, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, travel document number, expiry date, country of issue Identification, verification for automatic border passage and correct invoicing (if your Privium membership is or will be paid by third parties) Two years after membership ends
Payment methods: payment preference, IBAN (bank payment) and, where applicable, BIC (foreign bank account) Invoicing (this also applies when your Privium membership is or will be paid by third parties). Two years after membership ends
Card use Fraud prevention and user overviews for Privium member Two years after membership ends
Iris template, unique code (for storage in a secure central database), expiry date of iris template (for storage in a secure central database) Identification and verification for automatic border passage Iris template:
1) For storage in a central database: 10 years after enrolment or at the Privium member's request (with the member's cooperation in view of unique code)
2) For storage on chip card: when Privium card is destroyed

For more information on the manner in which Schiphol handles personal data, please read the Schiphol Privacy Policy.

This Privium Privacy Statement provides further information on the manner in which Schiphol handles your personal data for the purpose of your Privium membership.

Iris template

Iris photographs are taken of both eyes specifically for your Privium membership. This is done on an entirely voluntary basis. These photographs are stored in an encrypted form (referred to as a 'template') in the highly secure Privium database (the 'Privium database'). The photographs of your iris cannot be reconstructed from the template. Before having photographs of your iris taken, you are required to complete a form to provide written consent for the storage of your iris template in the Privium database. If you do not wish to provide consent for the storage of your iris template in the Privium database, you may opt to have it stored on your Privium card rather than in the Privium database.

Privium card

Your Privium membership number, the card number, your name, initials and date of birth are printed on the Privium card. The following encrypted information is stored in the chip:

  • Name, initial, date of birth, place of birth;
  • Your iris template or (if your iris template is stored in the Privium database) a unique code. If your iris template is stored in the Privium database, a unique code is stated on the chip in order to read your iris template in the Privium database. Schiphol does not store this code itself

This information is needed to facilitate access to the Privium gates and border passage.

Protection of your personal data

Schiphol implements appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data against loss or any form of unlawful processing. This is why we store biometric data in template form only. In addition, all servers and other storage media are equipped with physical and software security. Access to your data is limited to authorised employees who are directly involved in Privium services.

There are ways to store the biometric templates. They can be stored either on the Privium card or in the Privium database. Of course, stringent conditions apply to the storage of iris templates. The templates are stored anonymously and can only be read using the unique key on the chip of your Privium Card.

To ensure that third parties who are engaged in the provision Privium services and with whom Schiphol could share your data protect your data to the fullest possible extent, Schiphol concludes an agreement with these parties in which agreements are set out on the use and protection of your data, among other aspects.

Your rights

If desired, you can ask Schiphol to allow you to inspect your personal data or request the correction or deletion of your data.

Privium is based on voluntary participation. If you no longer wish to participate and would like Schiphol to delete your data, please let us know using the contact details stated at the Privium Privacy Statement Page 3 of 4 end of this Privacy Statement. We can delete your iris template immediately if you report to the Privium ClubLounge with your Privium Card. As your iris template is stored anonymously, your iris template cannot be identified and deleted without your assistance. An expiry date (10 years after storage) will be attached to your iris template upon storage, due to which your iris template will automatically be deleted after 10 years. We will approach you two months prior to the expiry date to make an appointment with you to have a new iris template made.

If you wish to exercise any of the rights stated above, please notify us by calling telephone number +31 (0) 20 601 4222. You may submit a written request to Depending on your request, we may ask you to provide additional information or visit the Privium ClubLounge in person. This will enable us to ensure that insight into your data is only granted to you personally and that no one else but you exercises any rights relating to your data.

Schiphol will reply to your request no later than four weeks after obtaining all the necessary information.

Social media

We advise you to read the privacy policy of the social media companies, such as Facebook, so that you know how they handle your personal data.

Contact information

Schiphol understands that you may have questions. For more information, please contact us using the following details:

Schiphol Nederland B.V.
P.O. Box 7501
1118 ZG Schiphol

+31 (0) 20 601 4222

Changes to the Privacy Statement

Schiphol may amend this Privacy Statement from time to time. This may be required due to modifications to the set-up of Privium or to changes in legislation. We therefore recommend that you check this Privacy Statement regularly. The latest version of the Privacy Statement is always available in electronic format on

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