Tips to prepare for your flight - Pack up and head off

Advised arrival time

The recommended arrival time may vary for each flight. You should therefore contact your airline for the latest advice. In general, you can take into account a check-in time of two hours in advance for European flights and three hours in advance for intercontinental flights.

Check your passport

It's important to travel with a valid identity card and passport. Please be aware that some countries require several months validity from the time you enter the country to the time you leave.

Check your travel documents

Do you need a visa?

It all depends on your destination. Please check with the embassy or consulate of the country that you plan to travel to

Apply for ESTA on time for travel to the USA

If you plan to travel from the Netherlands to the United States – or transfer there – you need to apply for ESTA approval. ESTA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. Please make sure that you apply for it well before you leave.

Smart packing

What to take in your baggage

Most items are allowed in your hand baggage, except those that appear on the list of hazardous items. Some items, like scissors or nail files, can only be taken in your hold baggage.

Check the weight for your hold baggage

Every airline has rules about its maximum baggage weight. The weight should be stated on your ticket.

Travelling with young children

There are special rules and regulations to follow – as well as benefits – when you travel with one or more children. These rules differ by airline, so please check with them before you travel.

Download the Schiphol app now

Be sure to download the Schiphol app before you leave. The app will tell you what and how to pack, help you navigate the airport and provide you with up-to-date flight information.

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