Practical information: Everything you want to know about shopping

Schiphol is an airport and a shopping mall rolled-up into one. It’s quite similar to the experience of being in a shopping mall, but with some key differences.

Shopping after your trip

Back from your trip and in the mood? You will find a wide range of shops inside Schiphol Plaza. For your daily groceries, a new outfit or the best gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions about shopping at Schiphol

Opening hours

Schiphol never sleeps and the shops at the airport have ample opening hours. The shops after security are opened from one and a half to one hour before departure of the first flight. And they only close thirty minutes before departure of the last flight of the day.

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Show your boarding pass when you buy

Due to customs regulations, retailers at Schiphol must keep track of purchases leaving the EU. By checking your boarding pass, the cashier will be able to distinguish between travellers and airport employees. For the latter, tax free discounts do not apply.

Can I take all my purchases on board?

In principle, any item that you buy after security can be taken on board with you. If there are any exceptions, the cashier will let you know. Please consult the general hand and hold baggage rules for items that you have purchased elsewhere.

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Can I shop tax-free when I fly within Europe?

No matter where you go, if you fly from Schiphol, anything that you buy in the shops after security will be tax-free.

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Do I get guarantee on products I buy at Schiphol?

Simply retain your receipt to exchange or refund any items within fourteen days. If the item is damaged or not working after this period, please contact the shop where you bought it. Almost every item bought at Schiphol carries a 2-year worldwide guarantee.

If it turns out that you have a guarantee by law, we will provide a replacement product ready for collection or dispatch to you at your location. We do everything to ensure that we respond to any questions or complaints quickly.

Not fully satisfied with your purchase?

Contact the shop where you bought the item. The address and telephone number are on the receipt. If you contact the shop within 14 days of purchase, you may return the item in any case. Is there a problem with your product after these two weeks? Then it might still be within the warranty period. In that case, the shop will also gladly assist you further.

Can I use Shop & Collect?

Shop & Collect is for travellers with a flight within the EU only. If you fly within the EU and Schiphol is eventually your final destination, you can use the Shop & Collect service.

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Does the site show all the products at Schiphol?

No, on the site we only show the Special Offers of the month. These are special products with competitive prices, especially for you. You can also find a selection of our electronics products and perfume and cosmetics assortment. However, this is not the entire range. Schiphol has a huge assortment of thousands available products.