Pilot facial recognition with registration kiosks

On 7 and 8 May 2019, we will be conducting a pilot project with the facial recognition registration kiosks in departure hall 3. When you drop off your baggage, you may be asked whether you wish to participate. You will be testing a new type of passport reader and whether you – as a passenger – can easily complete all the check and registration steps. If you participate on 8 May, we may also ask you to participate in a brief interview.

Why are you conducting this test?

Facial recognition is new in the travel industry and we are using new equipment and IT systems. The technology must work well and the kiosk must be easy to use. We also want that the information is clear. About the use of your data, for example. For this reason, we are conducting extensive pilot projects and asking participating travellers what they think and what we can improve.

How will you be using my personal data during this test?

Although your passport and boarding pass will be checked at the registration kiosk, they will not actually be read for the pilot. As a result, your personal data will not be processed or recorded.

Can I participate?

We will be asking travellers who are present in departure hall 3 at the time, if they wish to participate. You may be asked this question as well if you are travelling via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol that day. You must be over 16 years old and have a passport with chip and a boarding pass.

Is this the only test you conduct?

No, together with Cathay Pacific, we are also conducting a pilot on registration and boarding by means of facial recognition.