COVID-19: Parking and the coronavirus


If you come to the airport by car, you can park at P1 and P3 or use our Valet Parking service. We do everything in our power to make your trip as safe and comfortable as possible.

We keep all facilities, such as the stairwells, the elevators and the payment terminals extra clean and fresh. Please help us by keeping 1,5 meters distance and prevent touching objects unnecessarily. Disinfectants for your hands are provided throughout the facilities and vending machines at the service desks of P3 and P6 are available to purchase mouth masks.

You can drive in and out of the parking facilities as usual.

Should you have any questions, our colleagues on site will be happy to help you.

P1 and Privium 1

If you bring or pick up someone, we kindly request to say goodbye or welcome your passenger(s) at your car. The departure and arrival halls are for travellers only, unless there is no other option because someone needs your assistance. Should that be the case, please wear a face mask. As of 1 December 2020, face masks are mandatory at Schiphol.

P3 terrain, garage and Privium 3

After you parked your car, you take the shuttle bus to the departure hall. When you return, take the shuttle bus back to P3 from the arrival hall. Please remember to wear your mouth mask in the bus, enter the bus at the back entrance and only sit at the indicated places. The waiting times for the shuttle bus may be longer due to limited number of people allowed on the bus.

P6 Valet Parking and Terminal Valet Parking

After you parked your car, hand in your car keys at the service desk.

  • The driver who moves your car will be wearing a mask and gloves.
  • We clean your steering wheel and gear lever with the utmost care.
  • Disinfectant wipes are available at the counter, which you can use to clean the contact points of your car yourself.

At Terminal Valet Parking you can pay with your debit or credit card (cash payments are not possible). You may have to wait a little longer at the service desk, due to the measures there a limited number of people allowed at the counter.

FAQ - Parking and the coronavirus

How does Schiphol take the corona measures into account at the parking lots?

If you are going to travel via Schiphol and park with us, you can read here what you can expect in general at the parking places and what measures we have taken for safe and responsbile travel.

Why do I have to indicate the number of people with whom I come to Schiphol by car when booking for P3?

Because we can transport fewer people in our buses than we are used to, it is important for us to estimate the number of people who travel from P3 to the departure hall every hour and vice versa. This way we can take this into account when planning our buses to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Do I have to come to P3 earlier now that fewer people can be transported in a bus from P3 to the departure hall?

We advise to take into account longer waiting times for the buses at P3. We do everything we can to transport you to the terminal as quickly as possible, but make sure you are well on time and as much as possible within the time slot you specified in your reservation.

Do I have to wear a mouth mask in the bus?

Yes, a face mask is required on the buses to and from P3. We also kindly request that you wear a face mask from the moment you arrive at Schiphol to when you get to the plane. Or, if you have just landed, to keep your face mask on until you are outside of the airport. Thank you for wearing yours!

Do I need a health declaration to use the buses from P3 to the departure hall?

Yes, it is not only important if you are going to fly that you bring a health declaration. You can download the form here. Please print two copies and complete the form for your outbound flight before you leave home. You can fill in the second form for your return flight on the day of departure. You should be able to show this when prompted. Therefore, put the health declaration in a handy place, with your passport, your boarding pass or take it with you on your mobile. We ask you to arrange this at home to avoid crowds. Did you unexpectedly forget to bring a health declaration? These are - only if necessary - available at the P3 Service Desk.

Can I change or cancel my parking reservation?

You can change the parking date, your license plate or personal data easily in your reservation and it is free of charge. If you wish to cancel your reservation and reclaim your purchase amount, please add the cancellation option to a parking reservation for 5 euros. You can then cancel your parking reservation and get a refund. Change or cancel your reservation here.

How can I contact Schiphol regarding any other questions about parking at Schiphol and the corona measures?

Information about corona

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    Do I need to wear a face mask? Am I allowed to transfer? Do I need a health declaration and a negative COVID test result?

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    We would like to inform you about what to expect. That way, you will be well prepared for your journey.