Night work on car park barriers: 23 November 22:00 hours to 24 November 05:30 hours

From Thursday 23 November at 22.00 to Friday 24 November 05.30, there will be maintenance on the barriers to our car park areas. As a result, you may experience some inconvenience when entering and exiting.

Drive in

You are more than welcome to park your car as normal, however the entrance to the car park building or parking lot will be slightly different than normal on 23 November. Due to work on the barriers, you will not be able to enter the parking area with number plate recognition (reservation), or with a credit card or Privium Plus card.

  • Entering with a reservation
    A Schiphol representative will be stationed at the entrance who will help you further. During works on the barriers, you will not be able to drive in with credit card or number plate recognition.
  • Entering with no reservation
    Press the button and you will get a parking ticket. Unfortunately, you cannot use your credit card to drive in.
  • Are you a Privium Plus member?
    Please report to the Schiphol representative stationed at the entrance who will help you. You will not be able to enter with your Privium card on the 23rd - regardless of whether or not you have a reservation.

Drive out

If your car is already parked and you want to drive off during the scheduled works, please note that you cannot use a credit card, number plate recognition or Privium Plus card.

  • Application with reservation, credit card or Privium Plus card
    If your car was already parked before works began, please talk to our representative stationed at the exit who will help you out.
  • Exit with parking ticket
    You can exit as normal with a parking ticket. Simply pay the parking ticket at the payment terminals as you normally would, and put the ticket in the machine to drive out.

The scheduled maintenance will last until Friday November 24th at 05.30. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.