In the terminal building: What to expect upon arrival

Assistance for people with extra needs

New assistant

In the terminal building, the next Passenger Assistant will be waiting for you and will guide you through the airport. Your assistant will transport you using an electric caddy, a wheelchair or just walk with you to the passport control or baggage belt areas. You can also share with other passengers. We make a first stop at the gates sometimes in order to let off other passengers for their transfer flights.


Schiphol provides transportation for multiple passengers using electic caddies. You might be sharing a caddy with other passengers. If you are travelling with someone else, they are only allowed on the caddy if there is enough room. If there is not enough room, the Passenger Assistant will arrange with your travel companion where to meet later.

Passport control

You may pass through the passport control area, but this depends on what airport you arrived at Schiphol from.

Baggage belts

The Passenger Assistant will guide you to the right baggage belt and help you collect your luggage.

Your wheelchair

If your wheelchair or other mobility device was kept in the hold during your flight, it can be collected from the odd-sized baggage area. The Passenger Assistant will be happy to help with this.

Going to the car park

We can escort you to the car park. Please let the Passenger Assistant know if you require this service.