Here is how the scanner works - Check, check and double-check

The security scanner is quick and very easy to use. Just stand in the designated place, put your arms up, then stand still for 2 seconds.

Security scan Schiphol

What the security scanner does

The scanner uses millimetre wave technology to check if there is an unusual object on your person. It produces a scan of your body, which is then analysed by a computer. Personally identifiable features, such as those on your face and body, will not be captured. If the computer automatically detects an object on your skin, you will be flagged for clearance by a security officer.

The scans themselves are not seen by a human security officer, which ensures that your privacy is protected. It's also good to know that the waves produced by the machine are not harmful to your health, and may be safely used by pregnant travellers or those with a pacemaker.

Please note that the security scanner does not x-ray your body – however, that type of scan can be performed by the Dutch Customs by using body scan equipment. Body scans are used at Schiphol, but not at central security.

If you do not wish to pass through the security scanner, please notify the security staff. You will then be subject to manual checks performed by an officer.

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