Food Court in Lounge 1: Fast and tasty meals

The newly-renovated Lounge 1 Food Court has a fantastic selection of restaurants. There are five different types to choose from, all of which offer delicious cuisine from around the world.


This British lunch chain offers tasty Mediterranean-style food. Everything is made for you on the spot with deliciously fresh ingredients. Choose from a healthy wrap, meal boxes, coffees, sweet snacks and more.

Two Tigers

Enjoy the best that Asian cuisine has to offer. Tuck in to some affordable freshly-made sushi, homemade noodles and tasty snacks, served in a modern, trendy setting.

Burger King

This outlet of the famous chain gives new meaning to fun and fresh, with its cool ultra-modern de-sign. Devour one of Burger King's famous flame grilled whoppers, or choose from their selection of burgers, fries, sodas and more.

Two Tigers lounge 1

La Place

This market-style chain restaurant is a local favourite and great for casual dining. They stock fresh and homemade products, like juices and smoothies, sandwiches, pizza breads and cakes.

The Upper Floor Bar

The Upper Floor Bar has a great view of the runways. It's an ideal place to have a drink or to order a snack.

The new Lounge 1 Food Court

Fun, food and so much more! This is a modern, dynamic space with plenty of colourful accents. There is plenty of room to sit if you just want to have a meal. If you have young ones with you, there are plenty of interactive activities for them to have fun with.

La place at the Foodcourt Lounge