Faster through the ‘Small Bags Only’ security lane: Passing security in no-time

If you are only travelling with a small bag as hand luggage, you can use the ‘Small Bags Only’ queue. Small bags include laptops, backpacks and small handbags to a maximum size of 40x30x20cm (about 25 litres). Small bags do not include large pieces of hand luggage, such as those on wheels.

At the beginning of the Security Check queues, you will notice a ‘Small Bags Only’ sign. A Schiphol representative will indicate which type of hand baggage is allowed in the small bags queue.

Opening times ‘Small Bags Only’ lanes

  • In Departures 1 from 04.00-20:00
  • In Departures 2 from 06:30-20:30
  • In Departures 3 from 07.00-20.30
  • In Departures 1a and 4 there are no 'Small Bags Only' entry points.


There’s no problem if you travel with normal hand baggage like a trolley. It is intended for the wait times in your queue to become shorter because all handbags will be in a different queue. This will allow travellers to get to their plane faster.

Whether you travel with a trolley or not, it helps to be well prepared before you head off. Read our tips on you to prepare for your flight at home.