Facial recognition pilot for departing travellers

In July 2021, we will be conducting a pilot study involving facial recognition at registration kiosks in departure hall 3. This pilot (Exit Pilot Project) is for travellers departing from Schiphol; when dropping off your baggage, you may be asked if you want to take part. Your participation will help us test the new registration kiosk. We also want to find out whether you – as a traveller – consider this way of moving through the airport to be easy and pleasant.

By signing up for the facial recognition pilot at the registration kiosk, you will be able to pass through various checkpoints at Schiphol easily and contactless. You’ll be able to keep your passport and boarding pass safely in your bag.

Why are you conducting this pilot?

Facial recognition is new in the travel industry and we are using new equipment and IT systems. The technology must work well and the kiosk and gate must be easy to use. We also want the information we provide regarding what happens to your personal data to be clear. For these reasons, we are looking into your experiences with the facial recognition registration and whether our instructions are clear enough.

How will you be using my personal data during this pilot?

Your passport and boarding pass are read when you register at the kiosk. We then make an image of your face, which allows you to pass through passport control easily and contactless. Your personal data is permanently deleted no more than 24 hours afterwards.

Can anyone participate?

We will be asking travellers in departure hall 3 if they would like to take part. You may take part if you are above the age of 16 and if you have both a boarding pass and passport with an electronic chip.