Check-in and assistance: Assistance in the Schiphol terminal


Are you unable to check in and drop off your baggage yourself?

Your Passenger Assistant will be waiting to help you, at either

  • one of the blue call points in the Departure Hall or the car park;
  • or the Assistance desk in the departure halls.

Have you already checked in online and do you not have any hold baggage?

Your Passenger Assistant will be waiting to help you at the Assistance Desk or blue call point in the Departure Hall. Always verify the check-in times for your airline in advance and allow plenty of time to get to the airport before your flight's scheduled departure time.

Are you able to check in and drop off your bagggage yourself?

The check-in desk representative will point you towards the nearest Assistance Desk once you have checked in. From there, we will happily assist you further.

Extra assistance departures

Would you like to travel with your own wheelchair?

The check-in desk representatives will label your wheelchair to be loaded onto the aircraft. We therefore advise you not to check in online, but at your airline's check-in desk at Schiphol. You may remain seated in your own wheelchair up to the aircraft door. From that point the airline will arrange for your wheelchair to be taken and brought to the aircraft's baggage hold. If you do not mind using a Schiphol weelchair, you can also leave your own wheelchair at the check-in desk.

Need to go through security and passport control at your own pace?

Do you have a hidden disability that means you need more time to go through security and passport control comfortably? On the day of departure, ask for the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard at the Assistance Desk in the Departure Hall. That way we can recognise you and give you more time and space, if you wish. You will not be given priority.

If you have requested assistance in advance, we can help you go through security with priority. Find out more about requesting assistance on this page.

With this lanyard you can stay with your travel companions and go through security and passport control together at your own pace. Take your time.


Schiphol provides transportation for multiple passengers using electic caddies. You might be sharing a caddy with other passengers. If you are travelling with someone else, they are only allowed on the caddy if there is enough room. If there is not enough room, the Passenger Assistant will arrange with your travel companion where to meet later.

Shopping or getting something to eat and drink at Schiphol Plaza

Schiphol Plaza is the shopping area before you reach the check-in desks. If you would like to shop there, you are welcome to do so on your own — the Passenger Assistant will not accompany you. If you need a wheelchair, you can use one of the wheelchairs that are available for general use.


Let the assistant know exactly how you prefer to be assisted. Our service is based on your wishes. Read more about our Quality standard here.