Assistance: Escort to the aircraft


If necessary, the assistant will have a wheelchair. If your wheelchair is custom modified and therefore you cannot use our wheelchair, the assistant will assist you in your own wheelchair. Make sure you mention this in advance both to your airline and when checking in.

Security check

First you will go through the security check. The security staff will check your person, any medical baggage you may have (including documents) and your mobility aids. Please allow extra time for the security check.

Tip: Clearly indicate to the security officer what you are able and unable to do with regard to the security check.

Passport check

Depending on your travel destination, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee will check your travel documents (passport/ID card/boarding pass).

Transport after the security check

After the security check, you will continue either seated in your wheelchair or on board our electric caddy. Your formal companion (max. 1 person and only if he/she is registered!) may also accompany you on the caddy. Others travelling with you are only allowed on the caddy if there is enough room. Naturally, your assistant will help you to board the caddy and will stay with you.