Elephant Parade at Schiphol: Let’s safe Elephants

This month we surprise visitors at Schiphol Plaza with a parade of no less than 34 life size elephants. The colorful artworks are painted by national and international artists and each having its own story. With this the Elephant Parade is raising awareness and funds for the Asian elephants. Miniatures of the unique elephants are available in the pop-up stores at Jan Dellaertplein and at Schiphol Plaza. A memorable new parading elephant is “Elephantastic Flight” by Esther Springer. This special, plane-shaped Schiphol design features wings and the Schiphol control tower as well as typical Dutch landscapes.


The Elephant Parade story began in 2006 from Amsterdam when founders Mark and Mike Spits made the journey to Thailand where they first met Mosha. Mosha was a seven months old baby elephant and stayed in the world’s first elephant hospital because she lost her leg on a landmine. Mark and Mike were so moved they launched a project to raise money for a prosthesis for Mosha. From this initiative, Elephant Parade was born. Since then the Elephant Parade travels around the world with Mosha as the important part of the parade. The revenue go to projects to protect the Asian elephant.

The exhibition takes place from 1 to 30 September.