Assistance to and at the gate: Eat, drink and transport to the gate

You should allow more than 1.5 hours transfer time to have a realistic chance of catching your connecting flight.

Would you like to get something to eat or drink, go shopping, or go to the business class lounge?

The Passenger Assistant can drop you off at an eatery, shop or the business class lounge, provided there is enough time to do so before your connecting flight departs. They will arrange a time to pick you up again.

Regular gate

In principle, the Passenger Assistant will escort you directly to the gate that is connected to the terminal building and say goodbye to you there. If you require assistance in boarding the plane, please indicate this. The Passenger Assistant will either wait with you or come back later to help you board. We will do our best to ensure you can board first. Once you are safely on board, the flight attendants will take over from us and provide you with further assistance.

Bus gate

Where the aircraft is not physically connected to the gate, you will be brought to the aircraft by bus. If you can climb stairs unaided, you will join the other passengers in the passenger bus, which will bring you to the aircraft.
If you have difficulty climbing stairs, we will take you to the aircraft using our own wheelchair bus or ambulift and help you on board.

Extra assistance - getting to the gate in a weelchair

Taking your wheelchair to the aircraft

If you need your own wheelchair, we will use an ambulift to take you to the aircraft. If necessary, we will lift you into your seat and we can help you store your carry-on luggage. The airline will place your wheelchair in the hold of the aircraft. Once you are safely on board, we will say goodbye to you and the flight attendants will take over from us. Assistance will be waiting at the airport of your arrival destination.

Would you like more information about what to expect on board? Your airline would gladly provide you with further details.