Arrival at Schiphol: Disembarking with assistance

You should allow more than 1.5 hours transfer time to have a realistic chance of catching your connecting flight.

Our Passenger Assistants will come on board the aircraft to assist you. Please remain seated until the other passengers have left the aircraft. Passengers with a disability will be the last to leave the aircraft during disembarkation. This allows us to give you our full attention and help you disembark safely. If you do exit the aircraft unassisted, we may have difficulty finding you amongst all the other passengers.

If you need assistance leaving your seat, we will come on board to help you as soon as all the other passengers have disembarked and there is enough room to move you safely and discretely.

We will transport you in a special wheechair that fits in the aisle to the aircraft exit door and, once you have left the aircraft, will move you to the airport wheelchair that is provided.

If you can only sit in your own wheelchair, and you have informed the airline about this in advance, the airline's ground handling agent will fetch your wheelchair from the hold of the aircraft and place it ready for use at the open aircraft door. You can then transfer from our special aisle wheelchair to your own wheelchair on leaving the aircraft.

Tip: let the Passenger Assistants know exactly how you prefer to be assisted. Our service is based on your wishes. You can read our Quality Standards here.