Cycling in the Netherlands: Cycling – a favourite pastime

Do as the Dutch do and see the entire country by bike. Almost 35,000-km of bike paths criss-cross the Netherlands, from town to countryside. The Dutch cycle a cumulative total of 35-billion-km every year – not bad for a small country!

Bike in the Polder

A fine day to cycle

You may be forgiven for thinking that it rains a lot in the Netherlands. According to the experts, it only pours down for 7 of every 100 days, which means you’ll be able to enjoy a nice bike ride more often than not.

Choose your own adventure

The Netherlands has a dense system of cycle junctions. This smart system allows you to create your own route without getting lost – simply cycle from number to number. This website allows you to put your own route together.

… and speed

There are many different types of cyclist – those who ride slowly, those who speed by on fancy sport bikes, or even super-fast recumbent bikes. The most important thing is to be confident on the road – try not to feel pressured and just set your own pace.

Bicycles waiting for you at the station

You can hire bicycles all over the Netherlands, even at train stations. You can even take your bike on the train with you, for a small fee. You can read everything you need to know about hiring a bicycle at the stations right here.