Business services: Make the most of your valuable time at Schiphol

Make Schiphol your temporary office. We offer all the facilities you need to make the most of the time before your flight.

Privium membership

A Privium Plus membership is ideal if you fly regularly from Schiphol. Members enjoy a host of extra comforts and conveniences, like priority parking, fast-tracked security and passport control, and access to the Privium Club Lounge and Airside Lounges, as well as exclusive Privium member discounts.

Schiphol Privium
  • Surprising facilities

    Greater comfort, more convenience: services for business travellers. Would you like to take a shower, relax or sleep before your departure? Perhaps you want to go shopping, or have your shoes repaired or your clothes dry-cleaned on arrival? At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, it’s all possible.

  • Meet at Schiphol

    There’s no need to leave Schiphol if you’re planning a meeting. We have a range of landside and airside meeting room options, whether a 1-1 or with 80 people.

  • Make Schiphol your office

    The workplaces at Schiphol are ideal for when you travel with your laptop. The compact desks are the perfect place to work, study or surf using our free WiFi.

Eco-friendly car wash

Drive home in a spotlessly clean car when you return from your trip with our deluxe car-wash service. We clean your vehicle in an environmentally-friendly way without using water, just a minimal amount of car wash liquid and microfibre cloths. As well as saving a lot of water, this innovative method ensures a gleaming, scratch-free finish.

Useful services