Biometric boarding: Boarding with facial recognition

In 2017 Schiphol in cooperation with KLM is testing 'biometric boarding'. Participation in the trial means that you will have a one-time opportunity to board for this trip without presenting you boarding pass. You will board the aircraft quickly and easily via a separate gate that will identify you through facial recognition. The first phase of the trial lasted until July and took place at gate F6. During the busy summer months there will be no testing at the gate.

How does face-enabled boarding work?

Before you are able to board using your face, you must first register. In the waiting area near the gate you will find the special registration kiosk. To register, you will scan your passport and boarding pass, as well as your face.

When it's your row's turn to board, use the self-service gate, right next to the service desk. You will not need to queue with the other passengers. The camera will scan your face and compare the result to the scan which was taken at the registration kiosk. If approval is granted, the gate will open and you will be able to board the aircraft.

Who can take part?

Participation in the biometric boarding trial is entirely voluntary. You are eligible to take part if you:

  • Are over 18 years of age;
  • Have been issued a biometric passport, recognizable by the chip icon on the front;
  • Are travelling with KLM, departing from Gate F6.

Why this trial?

This trial is one of multiple tests Schiphol is conducting in cooperation with various partners in order to make the travel process at the airport ever more smooth and convenient. In the future, we hope to apply all manner of innovations to enable you to move from the Departure hall to the aircraft without the need to show your boarding pass or passport.

More information

Would you like to know what information we need from you for the trial, how we handle your privacy or do you have other questions? For more information on biometric boarding:

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If you have any questions, contact us at We also appreciate it if you mail us your feedback after you take part in the trial.