Baggage and security checks: Collect your baggage

Go to the baggage belt

Follow the Baggage Hall signs from your gate. Check the screens to see which baggage belt is being used for your flight.

Odd-size baggage

Odd-size baggage – like bicycles, prams and surfboards – comes out on a separate baggage belt. Check the overhead screen to see your flight’s odd-size baggage belt number.

Where’s my baggage?

It can sometimes take a while before your baggage appears on the baggage belt. If it doesn’t arrive, please go to your airline’s information desk. The location of the desk will be displayed on the overhead screens.

No passport controls for Schengen countries

A number of Schengen-zone countries have made agreements to simplify travel between them. If your flight departed a Schengen country – usually those in the European Union – you will not go through passport control on your way to the baggage belts.

Useful information

  • In the baggage hall, there are screens that show train departure times, or occasional disruptions and anticipated delays.
  • Save time by buying a train ticket before you leave the baggage hall. Look for the yellow machines near the exit, operated by NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen), the national train operator.
  • Once you have a ticket, it’s important to check-in before you get on the train. Head to the airport’s main foyer, then look for the escalators down to the train platforms. Simply swipe your ticket in front of the yellow card readers before you descend to your platform.