Come to Schiphol max 4 hours before departure

Last update: 4 August 2022, 12:59, Amsterdam

Because it's busy at Schiphol, travellers are arriving at the airport much too early. If you arrive too early, your check-in desk or baggage drop-off won't be open. This means you'll have to wait unnecessarily. Travelling with checked luggage? Always check with your airline what time the check in desk will be opened.

Travelling with hand luggage only? In order to avoid standing in line too early, you are welcome in the departure hall no more than 4 hours before your flight. This can be checked when you enter the departure hall. By taking this into account, you'll be helping to spread the check-in and security queues and ensure a smoother flow.

Efficiency when it comes to baggage also helps. Take as little hand baggage as possible and put as many items as you can in your hold baggage. If you are travelling with hand baggage only, we kindly ask that you take one item and that you don't use a small trolley case.


Travelling with checked luggage? Check your airline how late the check in desk will be openend so you will not have to wait unnecessarily. Are you travelling with hand luggage only? Please do not arrive at the airport more than 4 hours before your flight. Are you arriving earlier? You will have to wait at Schiphol Plaza until you can enter the departure hall.

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