Consequences of announced strike on Monday March 18

Last update: 18 March 2019, 14:08, Amsterdam

The Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV) has announced strikes for this Monday 18 March 2019. This involves public transport organizations, handling-, security- and cleaning-personnel. The strikes have consequences for some of our airport’s operational processes. These are the strikes FNV has announced:

  • Schiphol will be inaccessible by public transport from 6:00-7:06 AM. The Dutch Railways have decided to start their regular train schedule at 07:06. Read more here.
  • Personnel of security and handling organizations at Schiphol are called upon to strike between 12.30-1.36 PM.
  • Cleaning organizations strike for 24 hours.


Are you at Schiphol between 12.30-1.36 PM on Monday 18 March? Then you might experience some delays and longer waiting times, as as result of the work interruptions. We are doing our best to keep this at a minimum. Check our website and app for the latest status of your flight.

Are you traveling to/from Schiphol by public transport this Monday? Please plan your trip and check the schedules at and

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