Outdated toilet groups get revamp: Upgrade Module

In recent years, we have renovated many of the toilet groups in the terminal in accordance with the SPA concept. The renovations were intended to revamp outdated toilet groups (for example those with cold, white tiles and bright fluorescent lighting) and create new toilet groups using warm materials such as oakwood, soft lighting and luxury ornaments. The upgraded toilets would provide passengers a momentary oasis of tranquillity in a hectic terminal. Although the renovations are steadily progressing and all toilet groups will be upgraded eventually, it may take a few years for the renovations of various outdated toilet groups to be completed. Passengers have given these outdated toilet groups a lower appreciation score than the newly renovated toilets, as indicated by the results from the FeedbackNow voting boxes.

Upgrade Module Workshop

To create a more passenger-friendly experience until the upgrade of toilet groups with a low score has been completed, the PX Team recently launched a new initiative. The team joined forces with Asset Management’s Cluster Facilities, Smart Facilities and cleaning crews, and organized the first Upgrade Module Workshop on Tuesday, 26 November 2019, to hammer out the details of their idea. During this workshop, the participants translated visually distinctive elements from the existing SPA concept into a budget version for application within an outdated toilet group. Examples include the application of SPA visuals with a special foil, making darker materials lighter or the installation of better lighting.

To measure is to know

Based on the input of participants, sketches will be made in the coming period of several Upgrade Module variants. Next, passengers can choose their favourite from the available sketches, letting us know which one they would prefer to see in the terminal. The winning concept will first be applied to an outdated toilet group and FeedbackNow voting boxes and NPS will be used to determine if the Upgrade Module does in fact boost passenger experience. If the results are positive you can expect to see the new concept in more outdated toilet groups soon!

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