Tools & Services

At Royal Schiphol Group, we believe data and technology gives our travellers, employees and partners superpowers. We develop tools and services to unlock these powers.

Self Service Units

Available 24 hours a day. Schiphol wants to make sure that travellers in the terminal have 24/7 access to an even better and faster service, 365 days a year, if they run into problems. That’s why we have introduced new information zones with flight information displays, Self Service Units (SSUs) and digital floor plans.

The predictive power of Wilbur

On busy days, around 200,000 travellers pass through the airport. Because we know that one of their biggest frustrations on days like that is the long queue at security, Schiphol is always looking for solutions to these issues. Schiphol is exploring smart solutions based on technology and data. One of those smart solutions is Wilbur.

Your personal travel assistant

We want to make sure travellers have personalised travel advice, 24 hours a day, so we base the advice on data and on each traveller’s individual situation and preferences. Because a lot of travellers look up their flight information online, Schiphol shares travel advice on and in the Schiphol app.