Accessible 24 hours a day: Self Service Units

Today’s travellers expect a better, faster service. Research has shown that many travellers would prefer to communicate with Schiphol online, wherever they happen to be. Every traveller has their own communication preference. Where one prefers to look up their own information, the other immediately opts for personal contact. Schiphol wants to make sure that travellers in the terminal have 24/7 access to an even better and faster service, in their native language, 365 days a year, if they run into problems. That’s why we have introduced new information zones with flight information displays and Self Service Units. These new information zones have taken over from the familiar information desks. The information is available in 17 languages.

Making sure the traveller is in control

Self Service Units are interactive screens that travellers can use to find information quickly and easily. With a simple scan of their boarding pass, they can see all their flight information. Travellers can also check the frequently asked questions and answers, use floor plans to find their way around and look up restaurants and shops in the terminal. For more complex queries, the screens even have a video chat function so travellers can speak to a Schiphol employee. If necessary, a mobile assistant can also be called to the traveller’s location.

This omnichannel information concept brings together human, physical and online channels in perfect harmony, ensuring that travellers get the right answers fast and in a friendly way, and that they are always independent and in control. This is part of Schiphol’s goal to give its travellers peace of mind and make their journeys easier. According to a survey among users, almost everyone is satisfied with the self-service points located in various different parts of the terminal.

What you can do at a Self Service Unit

  • Check flight information by scanning your boarding pass
  • Find your gate using floor plans and FAQs
  • Find restaurants, shops and facilities using floor plans and FAQs
  • Chat or start a video call with a Schiphol employee
  • Have a Schiphol employee call for a mobile personal assistant (MPA) over all available Schiphol channels
  • Find contact details for Schiphol to get in touch by telephone or in Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, and easily save the information to your phone by scanning a QR code

Want to see what the information zones look like?

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