Interview Maud Schijen, product owner, Digital: Schiphol Today App for Operations

Maud Schijen, product owner Digital, Schiphol

‘Until recently, floor managers had to work without real-time digital information. Thanks to the new app, Schiphol Today, they now have all the information they need at a glance. This means they’re better prepared, work more efficiently and have more time for their core task: guiding and assisting travellers. Before setting out to work, floor managers can now see on the app the area in which they’ll be working, with whom and what special circumstances apply, such as a technical fault. In addition, certain tasks, such as reporting faults, can now be done digitally, ensuring everyone knows what’s going on immediately. Thanks to this real-time information, floor managers can also respond more quickly to changing circumstances. For example, if the number of travellers at a check-in suddenly changes, they can already start arranging the bank lining. Although some floor managers had initial doubts about the app, they’re now so enthusiastic that they’re suggesting improvements themselves. In the near future, we plan to develop an app for the authorities and airside support staff.’