NGinfra: Looking to the future of Dutch infrastructure

The name NGinfra stands for ‘Next Generation Infrastructures’. This key collaboration between influential Dutch infrastructure managers creates a space where Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Alliander, Port of Rotterdam, ProRail, Rijkswaterstaat and Vitens can share, develop and apply their knowledge and experience. The partners explore answers to today’s questions, with an eye to future applications. NGinfra tackles issues around digitisation, the energy transition and urbanisation, on the understanding that only by working together can we offer infrastructure that meets society’s needs, both now and in the future. NGinfra encompasses a broad range of infrastructure projects, from roads and waterways to data and security networks. The densely interwoven nature of these infrastructure domains has found physical form in the Schiphol Tunnel, a single channel that combines accessibility by road, rail and air.

Collaborations Schiphol - NGinfra

Infrastructure generates over 13% of the national economic value. The other 87% depends on infrastructure services.


At the core of NGinfra are its four topic centres: Exploring the future, Availability, Data & security and The value of infrastructure. These centres bring together experts from the partner organisations to share their expertise on current topics and issues that affect day-to-day business activities. Challenges and projects are tackled collaboratively. The projects Schiphol is working on include developing early warning systems to help us capitalise on trends and developments at an early stage; using data to achieve smarter management and maintenance; organising cross-sector decision-making; and focusing on a broader range of values than the purely economic, such as intellectual, human, social and natural capital.

NGinfra and Schiphol

Schiphol has been part of NGinfra’s collaborative platform since the very beginning. We understand how important it is to benefit from more scientific knowledge and expertise and to continue to meet the changing needs of society. That is how we develop sustainable cooperation. Twenty-three Schiphol employees are now actively engaged with the topic centres, working together to develop solutions that will be used throughout the entire chain. Birgit Otto is a member of the NGinfra Board.

Birgit Otto: “It’s no coincidence that Schiphol is a founder member of this collaboration. Together with the other infrastructure partners, we can make sure the Netherlands is and remains accessible to the rest of the world, in the right way. We will apply the new knowledge we gain from NGinfra’s scientific research programme together, to generate the best impact for society.”

Animated video on NGinfra:



NGinfra animatie from Flicks Producties on Vimeo.

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