Interview Lisa Thus, process developer, OPS: Short connection pass

‘Transfer passengers usually have more than enough time to make their connection. But there’s a small group for which the transfer time is short, perhaps because of an unexpected delay. In that time, they have to pass through security and sometimes even passport control. A passenger assistant is on hand to pull passengers with short transfer times out of the queue or passengers themselves indicate that they don’t have time to wait in line. Although this helps, all of it uses up valuable time. This is why we’ve explored whether we can speed the process up.'

Lisa Thus Process developer OPS

'We ran a pilot on piers E and F to find out. We placed two kiosks where people with short transfer times of less than one hour can scan their boarding cards. An orange pass is then printed out that they can show when needed in order to gain priority. It’s proving effective. It is also greatly appreciated. By passengers, because they know they can jump the queue and by airlines because passengers arrive on time and they can depart on schedule. The next step is to investigate whether we can also make the pass available digitally on your phone.’