Interview Bas Kiers, developer, OPS: Wilbur

‘Operations consists of a large number of different processes. Until a few years ago, they were monitored separately. This made it difficult for control to gain a good overview and effectively assess bottlenecks. Wilbur was developed as a solution.'

Bas Kiers, developer, OPS

'Wilbur collects data from the different systems and collates that data. For example, it can measure how busy it is in the terminal, display the work currently being done at Schiphol and predict how busy security will become. Control can now see at a glance how passenger flow is developing and where bottlenecks are emerging. Wilbur also suggest solutions. For example, how passenger flow can be managed more efficiently, resulting in a better flow. Wilbur is continually being developed in order to offer better tools to users and support new projects, such as the APOC. Ultimately, the aim is to have data from across operations, both in the terminal and airside, available at a glance. We are currently engaged in making the baggage process visible in Wilbur. Work on Wilbur will never be over. Processes can always be further optimised.’