Interview Aafke Jongsma, product owner, Digital: Deep Turnaround

‘In terms of improving On Time Performance, an efficient turnaround process is an important factor. The turnaround process starts when an aircraft arrives to land and lasts until it is given permission to depart again. It’s made up of all kinds of subsidiary processes, including pushback, cleaning, catering, fuelling, offloading and boarding passengers, etc.'

Aafke Jongsma, product owner, Digital

'To improve the turnaround process, we first need to gain a good understanding of all of the subsidiary processes. How long does a process last? Where are the bottlenecks? What can be improved? With Deep Turnaround we’re collecting data from these processes. We’re now installing cameras on all the aircraft stands on Pier H. We’re using deep-learning technology to convert the images they provide into usable data. We expect to see the first analyses in late May. We will then work with our partners to see what improvements are possible. Ultimately, we all share the same interest: ensuring that an aircraft departs on time.’