BrainCreators wins Pointcloud Innovation Challenge

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, together with its main contracting partners BAM and Heijmans, launched the Pointcloud Innovation Challenge in May 2020. Six companies were invited to develop smart solutions for existing and new use cases relating to Schiphol’s extensive asset portfolio. The solutions had to make use of the airport’s ever-expanding collection of Pointclouds, photos, BIM and/or GIS models. The winner of the Challenge, BrainCreators, will work with Schiphol to develop a pilot for an intelligent asset monitoring programme.

BrainCreators was able to develop an AI-based asset monitoring model within seven days, making use of the BrainMatter-platform. Ten team members annotated 1,683 images and 24,929 assets. The domain-specific expertise of maintenance employees is to be added to the monitoring model. This means that, in the future, assets without a plug – such as tiles, lighting and smoke detectors – will require fewer inspections. Moreover, faults and malfunctions can be addressed before someone submits a notification, because the BrainMatter platform will generate a ticket to initiate remediation. This will enable Schiphol and its main contractors to structure asset management and maintenance more efficiently, save costs and identify risks with greater precision.

brainmatter platform

Start of pilot

BrainCreators and Schiphol will now jointly launch a pilot with a focus on reducing maintenance costs. During the pilot, the BrainMatter platform will advise on useful labels, meaning rapid and correct data annotation. The domain experts at Schiphol, BAM and Heijmans will not require any specific data science knowledge, enabling the development of a structured and well-balanced data set at lightning speed. As a result, the intelligent monitoring model will become more and more adept at recognising assets, and the solution can be brought into production quickly.

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