Interview Oscar Maan, innovation manager, ASM: Automatic passenger bridge

Oscar Maan, innovatiemanager ASM, Schiphol

‘Connecting a passenger bridge to an aircraft requires a great deal of precision. In ideal conditions, an experienced operator can do it within one minute. But not everyone has the same amount of experience and is able to do it so quickly. There are occasions when the bridge is not connected properly. The safety mechanism kicks in and no further movement is possible. This kind of fault can last for 30 minutes, with the obvious consequences. Schiphol aims to ensure that the turnaround process runs as smoothly as possible. The fully-automatic passenger bridge can always be connected to any type of aircraft within a minute, in any conditions. We are currently in the final phase of the pilot on Pier F. We have a double automatic passenger bridge, which is a world-first. Currently, an operator is on hand to start up the bridge and check that everything is working as it should. In the future, that will no longer be necessary. If the aircraft is in the right place and has been given clearance, the bridge will go to it automatically.’