Group travel: Easy parking for groups

There's a great way to park at Schiphol for every type of group. From convenient parking to booking conference rooms, and from host assistance to broad-spectrum catering options – we have all you need for a warm hi or goodbye at Schiphol.


Additional services

Schiphol has extensive parking facilities, and you can offer your guests a very broad service package. We have meeting spaces for 2 to 200 persons, for instance, we offer personal support up to the gate and we can pick up people with a luxury taxi or a bus from any point you choose.

Group parking deals

If you plan to depart Schiphol as a group in separate cars, you can arrange exit tickets for the entire group at once. That means greater savings and no waiting time at the ticket machines when you’re ready to go. Schiphol Parking has several ways to park:

  • P1 Short term parking
  • P3 Long term parking
  • P6 Valet Parking en Terminal Valet Parking (we park your car for you)

Want more information, or to book right now? Take a look at the offers page or contact Schiphol Parking at

Food & drink

  • Coffee at check-in
  • Catering at the gate
  • Picnic in the Airport Park
  • Champagne at Bubbles

Please contact Glendale to book or get more information about arranging something for the border passage. You can reach them at or on +3120 643 9101.

HMSHost provides food and drink after the border passage. You can contact them at or on +3120 603 4607.

Personal host

  • Your own mobile desk to welcome your guests
  • Assistance at check-in and passport control
  • Guests accompanied to the departure gate
  • Baggage for the entire group collected together

For more information or to book now, please contact Axxicom Airport Services at or on +3120 206 5142.

Conference rooms

  • WTC Schiphol Conference Centre: various conference rooms (2 to 200 persons)
  • Video conferencing facilities

For more information or to book now, please contact contact WTC Schiphol Conference Centre at or on +3120 201 4900.

VIP Service

  • Hire one or more rooms in the VIP Centre
  • Have the check-in arranged while your guests relax
  • Use of a luxury lounge
  • To the plane by limousine directly before departure

For more information or to book now, please contact Schiphol VIP Centre at or on +3120 601 2180.


  • Hotel stays for your guests in one of the many hotels at or close to Schiphol
  • Overnight accommodation behind passport control in YOTELAIR or Hotel Mercure

For more information please visit hotels at Schiphol.

Marketing & advertising

  • Your advertising on banners or billboards
  • Your commercial on the gigantic Astrovision screen in front of Schiphol Plaza
  • A subtle welcoming message at the baggage belts

For more information or to buy space, please contact Schiphol Media on +3120 601 2713 or at