Feel free to use our marketing material: A quest of selecting and sharing

Many of our services, products and processes are unique, and they’re all typical Schiphol. Do you want to sell or promote them to customers, or simply explain something to customers as effectively as possible? Then make sure you know what you’re talking about. We’ll be happy to help you here, with standard information that you can use wherever you like.

Info for departures

Services and processes

Tell your customers about various services and processes at the airport and make sure that their journey via Schiphol goes as smoothly as possible. Are you promoting or selling our parking products? Then always tell your customers that these are official Schiphol parking spaces.

Our parking products

Schiphol Smart Parking

Economically priced medium to long-term parking in an unroofed car park or in a covered car park. The free bus takes you to the departure halls in just five minutes.

Schiphol Holiday Valet Parking

Drive into the P6 car park and let one of our staff park your car at the airport. From here it’s just a two-minute walk to the departure halls.

Schiphol Terminal Parking

Do you prefer short-term parking close to the departure and arrival halls? From car parks P1 and P2 it’s just a few minutes’ walk to your flight via a covered route.

Schiphol Excellence Parking

The best parking spaces at the airport. From this compact car park with extra-wide spaces it’s just a very brief walk to Departure Hall 3.

Schiphol Valet Parking

Park your car at the special entrance between Departure Halls 2 and 3, hand over your car keys at the desk and it’s just a very brief walk to the departure halls.

Schiphol Privium Parking

As a Privium Plus member you can park right at the front in many different locations. Close to the check-in desks at P1 or P2, or the bus stop at P3.

Schiphol Short Stop Parking

Take your time for a warm welcome or goodbye at Schiphol. No need to book if you want to pick up or drop off someone; there’s always a space for you.

Read more about our parking products

Checking in

Are you travelling with hand baggage only? Then you can save lots of time at the airport by checking in beforehand online with your airline. You can always check in at Schiphol too, at your flight’s check-in desk or at a self-service check-in kiosk. For more information, visit the page on check-in and baggage or the website of your airline.


There’s no need to check in hand baggage and you can take it onto the plane yourself. You do need to check in large bags and suitcases as hold baggage. Do this at the check-in desk of your flight or at a self-service baggage drop-off. For more information, read the baggage regulations or the website of your airline.

Departing from Schiphol

Enter your flight number or destination on the departures page and in a few simple steps you’ll get a complete overview of the information on your departing flight.

Arriving at Schiphol

Enter your flight number or point of origin on the arrivals page and in a few simple steps you’ll get a complete overview of the information on your arriving flight.

Travel for disabled persons

If you have limited mobility or a disability and are travelling via Schiphol, you can request free assistance at the airport through your airline or travel agent. For more information read all about travelling with a mobility impairment.

Free Schiphol app

Our useful Schiphol app will tell you all about your flight, show you the way around the airport and help you arrange a parking space.

Complementary means of communication

Would you like to know more about our products and services, or would you like to offer your customers extra information? Please see our brochures and other means of communication.

Maps of Schiphol

These clear and convenient maps will help your customers find their way around the airport.