Agency Agreement: Become a Schiphol Parking Agent

Schiphol offers several parking products to fit your customers needs. These needs can be met with Schiphol Parking, whether they are looking for the best price, location or other conveniences. That's great for you and your customers, since every qualifying sale earns generous commission payments for your organisation.

Schiphol Parking’s booking module

If you expect to sell at least 1,500 car spaces per year, you can be an intermediary for Schiphol Parking. An agency contract will be drawn up for a minimum of one year, which gives you access to our online booking module within a few weeks.

Two ways to book car spaces

You can also use our user-friendly booking engine. This will allow you to quickly and easily book car spaces. There are two ways to capture parking space for your customers.

  1. You can arrange reservations, then bill the parking costs to your customer. The reserved car spaces are then invoiced once a month by Schiphol. The commission costs will be automatically offset against your total cost.
  2. You can give customers a personal link to our site. They will then be able to reserve a car space at the airport, and pay for it themselves online. You will then receive the commission for all reservations made through your personal link once a year.

Contact us

If you’d like to learn more or have further questions about the registration process, we'd be more than happy to help. You can reach us by email at