Meeting point: Catch you at the cube

Trying to locate the meeting point is like looking for an elephant in a matchbox – you really can’t miss it. It’s the best place at Schiphol to meet up with your friends, family and associates.

Location You can find the meeting point at Schiphol Plaza. Check the Airport map for more information.

Enormous eye catcher

Most travellers love the meeting point because of its distinctive shape. This giant three-dimensional cube, with its distinctive red-and-white checkerboard pattern, can be seen from anywhere within Schiphol Plaza. There are seats inbuilt into the sculpture itself, handy if you need to sit down to wait for someone (or be waited upon).

Fun fact

The American artist Dennis Adams (b. 1948) originally created the meeting point as a work of art (named Coda), which was intended to grace the main hall. It has become more popularly used as a meet-up point because of its appearance.

What to do at Schiphol

There is a lot to see and do at Schiphol that there’s no time to be bored. Whether you’re waiting for someone to pick you up, or just have some spare time, the world of Schiphol is yours to explore. Discover the shopping, eating & drinking and the services at Schiphol Plaza.