Elephant Parade: Elephantastic pop-up store

  • Opening hours: Open from 07:00 to 22:00

During the entire month of September, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be themed around the Elephant Parade. There will be two pop-up shops where you can purchase Elephant art pieces. The first store is located at Jan Dellaert Square and a second one can be found at the Plaza. Would you like to help save these magnificent creatures? Our pop-up stores allow you to take home your very own miniature replica of your favourite Elephant. Get your very own ‘elephant in the room’ and help spread awareness of the plight of these elephants and the need to secure their future. The pop-up shops will feature a vast selection of special Dutch-themed miniature elephants as well as replicas created by international artists, brands, celebrities and designers from around the world. A Dutch artist has even designed a special Schiphol elephant: Elephantastic Flight-Holland. Discover them all!

You can find the Elephant Parade pop-up store before security at Schiphol Plaza or at Jan Dellaert Square. Check the Airport map for more information.