Let Schiphol's big data work for you!: Schiphol Developer Center

Everyone knows the importance of data nowadays. Schiphol too, has large amounts of (airport) data. But what can you do with all that data? What data is there anyway? And where do you start, using the data? We gladly help our customers, travellers and other relations with the aforementioned questions and how they can successfully use them and take full advantage of them. That is why we launched the Schiphol Developer Center. A website where you find various Schiphol APIs, cases and examples.

Improve processes and the traveller experience

We particularly see opportunities in improving the traveller experience and operational excellence and for reducing costs. By cleverly combining the various unlocked data, you can, for example, make processes run more efficiently and more effectively.

A concrete example is a ground handler: from all available operational flight information, they only need a limited set of data for their planning. Previously, an employee entered this information manually into a system. Now, this information can be used in real time by linking our Operational Flight API to the system. This saves many hours and the chance of errors becomes zero.

Available airport data from Schiphol

The available data from Schiphol, includes more than just operational flight information. We offer a nice footing of available APIs in the Developer Center. We will enrich and extend this API range further, in the coming months. The most important and applied APIs at the moment are:

Flight API

The Flight API can be used by and for various target audiences like travellers, plane spotters and airlines, in a wide range of applications like wayfinding, public transport and media.

Operational Flight API

The Operational Flight API can be used to add value to the travellers’ journey and various operational airport processes.

Wayfinding API

The Wayfinding API can be used in combination with, for instance, the Flight API. It can add value to the travellers’ journey by making them find their way around the airport quickly and easily.

Boarding Pass Service

The Boarding Pass Service is an important tool for all airlines to manage their boarding process and prevent unnecessary departure delays.

Want to get started with airport data? Just do it!

Innovating and using new technologies is increasingly becoming a matter of 'just do it': start on a small scale, create a prototype or concept and present it to colleagues, users or customers. That's also how it works with us: open an account at the Developer Center and start by exploring the possibilities of our APIs.

Approach the process of creating value with data as a start-up – that’s what we have learned from our experience. Just start, work agile and optimise sprint after sprint. What’s also important, is cooperation. Co-creation really is the key to success. Together you come up to ideas that you would never have had otherwise. You can also realise them much faster. That's why the marketers and concept developers in our Smart Airport Data team help you to develop your ideas into working prototypes and thus giving a push to the entire development of your new product.

Please contact us, we are happy to help you further

Would you like to know more about our APIs or services in concept development or support? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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