Garuda Indonesia : (GA 89) flight to Jakarta (On schedule)

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GA 89
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Expected crowd levels

Departure: peak day

It's very busy at Departures; queues are long.

  1. Before you leave

  2. Check in online

  3. To Schiphol

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    By car Public transport

  4. - Welcome to Schiphol

    • Please note that you are welcome in the departure hall a maximum of 4 hours before departure.
    • Departures 3

    Go to Departures 3 to check-in or drop off luggage only. Passengers already checked in and travelling with hand luggage can go straight to security (follow signs to Gate -).

  5. Check-in and baggage drop-off

    • Departures 3
    • Check-in desk 20
    • Desk open from
  6. Security

    • Thanks to our CT-scans at Schiphol, you can leave your liquids and electronics in your hand baggage.

    • Gate -


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  7. Passport control

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  8. Time to relax

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  9. 11:25 - Expected boarding

    Gate -

  10. - Expected time for Departure

    Amsterdam (AMS) - Jakarta (CGK) (On schedule)

* Be aware that waiting times change continuously.
Please check this page regularly for the most current information.