TAP Portugal : (TP 6890) flight to Abu Dhabi (On schedule)

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Flight information

Departure time:
Original departure time
Flight number:
TP 6890
Check-in desk:

This flight is also known as:

Air Malta
KM 2150
Air Serbia
JU 7453
BT 5721
Etihad Airways
EY 78
KL 3948
Malaysia Airlines Berhad
MH 5230
Pakistan Airlines
PK 4078
Saudi Arabian Airlines
SV 6767
SriLankan Airlines
UL 2378
XY 3078

Your Schiphol itinerary

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  2. Security

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  4. Time to relax

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  5. 14:00 - Expected boarding

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  6. - Expected time for Departure

    Amsterdam (AMS) - Abu Dhabi (AUH) (On schedule)

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