KLM : (KL 1835) flight to Berlin Tegel (Departed)

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Flight information

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KL 1835
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This flight is also known as:

AM 6540
Air Europa
UX 3775
China Eastern Airlines
MU 6249
China Southern Airlines
CZ 7741
Kenya Airways
KQ 1835
Korean Air
KE 6429
Xiamen Airlines
MF 9727

Your Schiphol itinerary

  1. - At Schiphol

    • The best time to arrive at Departures is 2 hours before your flight leaves.
    • Why this time?
  2. Check-in and baggage drop-off

    • Departures 1
    • Check-in desk 6-8
    • Desk open from
  3. Security

    • Gate D83
    • Live waiting time*: Not available
  4. Time to relax

    Shop, eat, relax and more...

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  5. 20:00 - Expected boarding

    Gate D83

  6. - Expected time for Departure

    Original departure time

    Amsterdam (AMS) - Berlin Tegel (TXL) (Departed)

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