Alitalia : (AZ 107) flight to Rome (Departed)

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Flight information

Departure time:
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AZ 107
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This flight is also known as:

Air Malta
KM 2601
Bulgaria Air
FB 1702
Delta Air Lines
DL 6612
Etihad Airways
EY 2808
Saudi Arabian Airlines
SV 6220
YM 4981
0B 7032
Xiamen Airlines
MF 9571

Your Schiphol itinerary

  1. - At Schiphol

    • The best time to arrive at Departures is 2 hours before your flight leaves.
    • Why this time?
  2. Check-in and baggage drop-off

    • Departures 1
    • Check-in desk 6-8
    • Desk open from
  3. Security

    • Gate C16
    • Live waiting time*: Not available
  4. Time to relax

    Shop, eat, relax and more...

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  5. 11:20 - Expected boarding

    Gate C16

  6. - Expected time for Departure

    Original departure time

    Amsterdam (AMS) - Rome (FCO) (Departed)

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