LEVEL : (VK 6825) flight to Vienna (Departed)

Flight information

Departure time:
Original departure time
Flight number:
VK 6825
1 or 3
Check-in desk:

This flight is also known as:

VY 6825

Your Schiphol itinerary

  1. - At Schiphol

    • The best time to arrive at Departures is 2 hours before your flight leaves.
    • Why this time?
    • Departures 1 or 3

    Go to Departures 3 for check-in and baggage drop-off only. All other passengers can go to security directly, at Departures 1, for gate D60.

  2. Check-in and baggage drop-off

    • Departures 3
    • Check-in desk 19
    • Desk open from
  3. Security

    • Gate D60 (via Departures 1)
    • Live waiting time*: Not available
  4. Time to relax

    Shop, eat, relax and more...

    Find out what else you can do

  5. 10:15 - Expected boarding

    Gate D60

  6. - Expected time for Departure

    Amsterdam (AMS) - Vienna (VIE) (Departed) at 11:04

* Be aware that waiting times change continuously.
Please check this page regularly for the most current information.

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