Meet the Cargo Team

Work hard, play hard, laugh often and sleep well.

Roos Bakker

I come from a Schiphol family. My father was a Schiphol man, so I was naturally drawn to a career here. But I also uncovered a new kind of family in my work. First in Security and now in Schiphol Cargo, I’ve seen a melting pot of cultures and a jumble of emotions. But in this world where strategy and operation come together, it’s the most beautiful place I could wish to work.

The past 100 days have taught me to be patient. Which is a lesson I really need. As I serve the cargo partners in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the flower chain, the new people, new qualities, new insights, and new chances for development on the team will make cargo stronger than ever. I want the cargo chain to know that I am always here for them, and I’ll always do my best. In this 24/7 business, mutual respect and dignity are key to maintaining quality, trust and performance.

I love to kickbox, travel, surf, shop and dance. Great conversations and laughter fuel my day. But above all, nothing beats excellent food and good sleep. After all, it takes a lot of energy to put my all into my work and play.

David van der Meer

I can rebuild my energy on the slopes and under the sea.

David van der Meer

I’ve been at Schiphol since my college traineeship. And in the past 14 years, I’ve held a wide variety of positions. But each one has taught me valuable skills, and given me great insight into Schiphol operations. My most recent role as Business Partner Airlines and a member of the Management Team helped prepare me for what’s next. The beauty of Schiphol is it’s like playing chess on five different boards: it takes strategy, forethought, commitment and hard work. But the results are remarkable.

The key to my role as Cargo Partnerships Director will be to build bridges. Between the needs of the cargo community and the capabilities at Schiphol. Between the process department and operations. Between our ambitions and our realities. In addition to being responsible for the Air France KLM Martinair cargo partnership, I’m also excited about managing the Smart Cargo Mainport Program and connecting the community to initiatives that can drive the entire chain forward. I know we can make it a success together.

My colleagues and partners can count on me to always be honest and tell it like it is. The combined know-how on the ACP team is a powerful force for change and improvement. I’m confident that we have all the skills we need to succeed.

When I’m not working hard for my colleagues and partners, you can often find me outdoors. I love to ski and scuba dive. I’d be thrilled if my cargo partners joined me in these activities, so we can get to know each other on new levels.

Baseball – like life – is both about teamwork and individual excellence.

Olaf van Reeden
Olaf van Reeden

I’ve been working at Schiphol for 33 years, in a variety of roles. Schiphol is full of opportunities, new things to discover and places to explore. I’ve been a consultant on the master plan for Schiphol expansions, and a manager of landside access for the cargo chain. But my new role as Cargo Partnerships Director for Europe, North/Latin America, the Middle East and Pharma Gateway Amsterdam will give me the chance to get a holistic view of the challenges we face as an industry and how to solve them.

Cargo is a people’s business, and I can only serve the chain when I truly understand the people behind the chain, and what they’re concerned about. I’m ready to dive into all the complexity. Most of all, I want to find the balance between ensuring that Schiphol is doing all the right things for the cargo chain, and encouraging the cargo chain to take full advantage of all the optimisations and innovations Schiphol offers to improve their work.

I’m eager to show my colleagues on the cargo team, and indeed the entire cargo chain, that I’m open-minded, understanding, helpful and enthusiastic. But they should also know that I’m a critical thinker and very analytical. So, get ready for the tough questions.

I love to play baseball, so the lockdown was a challenge for me. The sport is the perfect mix of team performance and individual performance. It’s mental and physical. A bit of strategy and a bit of luck. Anything can happen. A lot like life.


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