This is what a career at Schiphol means: A world of opportunities

Performing to your best on a daily basis. As part of a team. That’s what working at Schiphol is all about. Every day, hundreds of flights must take off and land on time. Thousands of passengers must be able to check in easily and enjoy their time in the terminal. And, clearly, baggage must also be ready on time when passengers arrive. And all this must be done quickly and safely. That’s why we need you!


Constantly evolving

If you join the Royal Schiphol Group, you’ll enter a world that’s constantly evolving. Not only the organisation itself but also the proud people who work for us. Everyone comes to us with their own talents and qualities. If we are to retain our position as a leading airport, these talents and qualities are essential. We offer our employees every opportunity for personal development, and willingly invest in development, health and the environment. A career is a journey. At Schiphol, we aim to make that journey as pleasant as possible.